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Crime City Clothing

CCC - Nuestra Lucha - Tanktop Women Grey

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This is my friend Bruno with her grandmother Sonia and her son Bastian. Ever since I got to know Bruno she has always told me stories about her grandmother Sonia who was in the resistance against Pinochet in Chile.

One of the stories told was about Sonia and her friends who snuck out at night to paint the house facades with anti Pinochet propaganda. Sonia was so good at whistling so she stood guard on the back of the truck to alert if the military was coming. Sonia was later arrested and tortured in Santiagos football stadium like so many others at this time.

This design is very current today in times when fascism is lurking around the corner. It is a dedication to all people who are fighting for such obvious things as human rights.

Eco & fair-trade!

Printed in Sweden with discharge print method,

which never cracks or peels off.