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Futhark Runes - Scarf - Torvenius

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This is a an extra long (160 cm 63 inch) scarf, with double sided motif, of the elder futhark runes. Elder Futhark runes from Scandinavia in this order, is presented as depicted on the Kylver stone. These runes were used before and during the viking age but is rarely seen carved on raised runestones. These runes evolved into the younger Futhark that consists of 16 runes, and which are the runes most commonly known and seen on raised runestone in Scandinavia. These older runes are however the oldest form or the Scandinavian runes we know of today, and dates from a pre-christian time in Scandinavia. Portrayed in grey on black background, the design is the same on each side. Material is 95 % acrylic and 5% spandex. Very soft, warm and smooth in quality. This item is comleltley uniqye and orignial design by me, realized and and manufactured by a third party.

What better than having the ancient runes keep you warm during winter?